Rideshare Ads for Your Restaurant.

Transform rideshare drivers into your own fleet of salesmen. Let Uber drivers personally promote and recommend your restaurant to their passengers ⁠— you can scroll past an ad, not a conversation.

It’s so easy

How It Works

Prepare Materials

Send Kuto your promotional flyers and coupons. Or let our design team create eye-catching promo materials for you at no cost.

Passenger Specification

Reach the right people by specifying passenger locations, ethnicities, food preferences, or even whether they are locals or tourists.

Driver Distribution

When Kuto drivers encounter a passenger matching the defined characteristics, they will strike up a conversation with the passenger, recommend your restaurant, and hand out your flyers and coupons.

word-of-mouth mARKETING

Why Rideshare Drivers?

High Yield

Unlike digital avenues of advertising that most consumers simply scroll past, Kuto’s old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing instills more trust within potential customers and leads to an audience who are much more likely to follow through, resulting in incredible conversions.

Personal Connection

Kuto drivers are real life people who offer much more credibility than mere digital ads that spam the web. Consumers place the highest level of trust in word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know. Through one-to-one chats with their drivers on topics like the best restaurants in town, passengers become more likely to take recommendations to heart and follow through.

Specified Audience

Employing the benefits of a personal connection, drivers are able to understand passenger tastes and preferences on a much deeper level. This enables restaurants to set detailed specifications on exactly which passengers to advertise to, from a millennial who loves trying new cuisines from various countries, to a French tourist in Georgia who wants to try out the local chicken and waffles, to a nurse who is looking for a sandwich shop near her work to grab lunch at everyday.


Campaign Plans & Pricing

Why Kuto?

Here’s the Math

On the surface, Kuto seems almost four times more expensive than Facebook Ads based on cost per click. However, when factoring in Kuto’s incredible 23.84% conversion rate per click, almost seven times higher than what Facebook offers, the cost per customer conversion Kuto offers is barely half of what Facebook Ads charge. This is the power of Kuto — the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

$0.21 cost per click

3.58% conversion rate

$5.86 cost per conversion

$0.79 cost per click

23.84% conversion rate

$3.31 cost per conversion

*Cost and conversion rates based on Main Course with three specifications.

Are Drivers On Task?

AI Optimized Algorithm

Kuto verifies that drivers are on task through the Kuto App that all drivers have installed on their devices. The application passively records driver conversations which are uploaded to the cloud for Kuto’s machine learning algorithm to transcript and rate driver performance. Drivers who fall below our ratings threshold are terminated to ensure the quality of Kuto’s services.

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What They’re Saying

Success Stories

Our business is kind of small, so we don’t have much money for advertising, and it was hard for us to stay in business. But, Kuto came to us and helped revive us. Their promotions are much cheaper than anything we can find and brought in so many new customers, many of them loyal!

Emilia Hernandez

Manager, Taqueria Don Chon

When we heard about Kuto, we were extremely skeptical. How the heck does rideshare ads even work? Toby from Kuto convinced us to do the free trial, and damn were we amazed. We then bought more and more promotions and the results continued to speak for themselves.

David Clark

Owner, Stationside

Highly recommend. Kuto brought us so many customers that we now use Kuto regularly. Yes we had to spend money to use Kuto, but we make so much more money than we spent. Also we didn’t have good designed coupons and Kuto helped us make good looking ones for free.

Son Ngyuen

Manager, Pho Dakao

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Highly Trained Drivers

Drivers are only assigned to restaurants they have personally visited and are briefed on every aspect, from the style of cuisine to menu items and prices.

24/7 Award Winning Support

Message Kuto any time of the day and one of our experienced client representatives will be right with you and resolve your issues as soon as possible.

Get Started.

Contact us to start a free trial or purchase more promotions. Start bringing more customers and take your business to the next level. Let us know of any questions or suggestions!




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