Earn an extra $500 a month.

Easily supplement your rideshare income by promoting and recommending local restaurants to your passengers! 

It’s so easy

How It Works

Receive Materials

Check your mail for a personalized promo card along with an information booklet for each restaurant that you are assigned.

Chat With Passengers

Make small talk with your passengers. Try to understand their background, interests, and preferences in regards to food.

Coupon Distribution

Offer the discount code on your promo card to passengers whose preferences match those described by your restaurant in the booklet.

Get paid extra while driving the same amount of hours.


per referral


per ride (up to)


per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I get paid?

Kuto drivers are payed via Paypal by default. However, Venmo and Cash App options are also available upon request. Kuto drivers are automatically paid at the end of every week and payments typically arrive within one to two business days. No minimums required.

Is there a limit or quota of promotions required?

Nope. Kuto values the freedom of the rideshare drivers as well as their power to choose when and where they work. As a result, Kuto does not have any quotas of promotions required. However, drivers who are rarely active may be assigned less restaurants.

Will working for Kuto negatively affect my rideshare rating?

Nope, don’t worry. Based on our data, more than 95% of passengers respond positively to Kuto drivers and their recommendations. This is in part due to Kuto’s policy for our drivers to never bother a passenger who seems annoyed or disinterested.

What is the purpose of my personalized rewards card?

Every driver receives a personalized rewards card for each restaurant that they are assigned. Each card contains an unique coupon code that drivers need to show and ask their passengers to take a picture of after recommending them to a restaurant. Additionally, whenever a passenger uses the unique coupon code, the corresponding driver that referred them also receive a 10¢ bonus success pay.

What if I don't know much about the restaurant I am assigned?

Don’t worry. Most drivers are only assigned to restaurants they have visited previously in the past. Additionally, extensive information about your assigned restaurant is available in the informational booklet sent to you. Moreover, the success pay is designed for this issue and is paid for by restaurant clients so drivers could personally taste the food of their assigned restaurants without paying a single dime.

Can I really earn $500 a month without doing any extra hours?

Yes! In fact, the average full time rideshare Kuto driver earns $205 a month. Here is the breakdown. On average, a full time driver carries 26.7 passengers a day, and works 24 days a month, which is equivalent to 640.8 passengers a month. Since each driver is assigned five or more restaurants at once, around 80% of their passengers match the descriptions listed by one of their assigned restaurants. At 40¢ pay, the average Kuto driver earns $205 a month. In addition, when considering the 10¢ success pay, our drivers earn $216 a month!

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