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How do I know that drivers are doing their jobs?

Kuto drivers are required to install and use passive voice recording software on their mobile devices when they drive. These recordings are uploaded to Kuto servers and then transcribed by our machine learning optimized transcription algorithm to verify that our drivers were on task and given a rating. If a driver’s rating falls below our threshold, they are terminated to ensure the quality of Kuto’s services.

Are Kuto drivers qualified to help advertise my business?

Absolutely. Whenever a driver is assigned a new business, the Kuto briefs drivers extensively on every aspect regarding the business, from the style of cuisine to menu items and prices. In most cases, Kuto drivers are only assigned to restaurants they have frequented before. In addition, for long term clients, Kuto pays for drivers to dine in at the restaurants to get a more personal experience with the establishment.

What is the purpose of the add-on specifications?

Add-on specifications are one of the key contributors to Kuto’s astounding customer conversion rate. They are extremely cost effective as the more narrow the set of passenger specifications are, the more likely that the passenger is interested in your business. Our data shows that conversion rates increase exponentially with each marginal add-on specification.

How long does it take to complete my promotions?

Completion time varies based on the size of each promotion order and the number of specification add-ons. To uphold the quality of Kuto’s services, orders with more specifications take longer to complete as overall less passengers fit the narrow set of specifications. For instance, an order of 1,000 promotions with 3 specifications has a relatively low match rate, and thus takes around 14 days to complete.

How can I track the revenue Kuto generated for my establishment?

There are variety of ways to visualize the revenue Kuto helped to generate for your businesses, such as comparing sales during the period when Kuto was utilized to sales during a period when Kuto was not used. The most common method Kuto clients employ to precisely track Kuto’s efficacy is by implementing discount codes specific to Kuto flyers which passengers then bring to restaurants and redeem.

What do I do if I don't have any promotional materials available?

Don’t worry, Kuto has you covered. Kuto’s own professional team of graphic designers design promotional flyers and coupons for absolutely free! Just contact us and let us know. Kuto provides this free service to increase the efficacy of our services, as visually aesthetic and pleasing promotional materials have been shown to increase customer conversion rates.

In which cities and industries are Kuto's services available?

Currently, Kuto operates in the metro area of Atlanta, GA and mainly accepts restaurants as clientele. Kuto plans to expand and establish operations in Los Angeles, CA in Spring 2020. As Kuto rapidly scales and grows exponentially, we aim to add four more cities to our collection by Summer 2020. Message the Kuto Team if you would like Kuto to come to your city next!

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